Gifted Education

Northwestern Local Schools strives to provide challenging and stimulating educational opportunities for all of its students. We identify students who are gifted through referrals and whole-grade testing. We also offer additional learning opportunities that are extensions of the classroom.

For the 2017-2018 school year we offer the following gifted services:

  • 7th-grade gifted math and 8th-grade Algebra

We also provide educational enrichment opportunities for students in the following areas:

  • Students in 5th and 6th grades- Model UN, debate, or news team as schedules allow.
  • Students in 7th and 8th grades- Power of the Pen.
  • High School students have opportunities to schedule Advanced Placement classes and College Credit Plus classes.
  • Students in 9th - 12th grades may be offered enrichment opportunities such as Video Productions, Musical Productions, and Programming Club. (some may be after school)
  • All gifted identified students in 1st and 2nd grade take part in the PETS (Primary Enrichment Thinking Skills) program led by a Gifted Intervention Specialist.
  • Math gifted identified students in grades 2nd through 6th grades are scheduled one day a week in the resource room with a gifted intervention specialist.
  • Reading gifted identified students in 1st through 6th grades are placed in clusters with other high readers to work with their reading teachers at appropriate levels.
  • Students in grades 7-12 identified in Visual Arts have opportunities to work in the art room during pride.

If you have any questions or concerns about gifted education, please contact Lori Ballentine, Northwestern Gifted Education Coordinator at ballentinel@nwlschools.org or 964-3240 x 1227.